Adieu My Lovely Nancy

Adieu my lovely Nancy
Ten thousand times adieu
I'll be thinking of my own true love
I'll be thinking dear of you

Will you trade a ring with me my love
Will you trade a ring with me
It'll be a token of our love
When I am far at sea

When the farmer boys return at night
They will tell their girls fine tales
Of all that they've been doing
All day out in the fields

Of the wheat and hay that they've cut down
Sure it's all that they can do
While we poor jolly jolly hearts of oak
Must plow the seas all through

And when we return again my love
To our own dear native shore
Fine stories we will tell to you
How we ploughed the oceans o'er

And we'll make the alehouses to sing
And the taverns they will roar
And when our money it is all gone
Sure we'll go to sea for more